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    Saturday, January 01, 2005

    This is a test to see if this script to expand long entries works. Now if I can only see... I've been invited to go check out "On to Thinness..." and I'm considering it. I don't know how much I can devote to these forums as far as my new WOE goes...to be quite honest, I feel like I do great even without the forum plus I've been so busy with my latest web client...but that's another story! Here's my menu for weeks 1 & 2 on pre-induction. After this weekend I plan to go to induction (8/30).
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    Monday, August 16, 2004

    OK. First day of pre-induction. This is more like my normal day of eating, without too much sugar and also the added extra cheeses and an effort at more protein. Now you know why I was not ready for induction just yet! Also, the cheesecake and pasta were a huge faux pas, plus nuts are a no-no. I don't even frickin' like nuts. I guess I was just trying get used to eating like a squirrel. Nuts, which, if I suceed at induction and decide to go on to maintenence--are a snack that I know I can eat without guilt, as opposed to say, Cheetos. Now this day's log is nothing to brag about. But it was a small change from normal. Here's what I ate today:

    Breakfast - 6:45 am
    2 sausage patties
    2 slices Sara Lee Delightful White bread
    14 oz. coffee w/non dairy creamer, Sweet-N-Low

    AM Snack 1 - 8:52 am
    1-1/2 oz. honey roasted peanuts
    2 oz. Monterey jack cheese

    AM Snack 2 - 11:40 am
    2 oz. WheatNuts (soy & wheat germ-not flour! type snack)
    .5 oz. beef jerky
    10 oz. decaf Chai tea w/Sweet-N-Low

    Lunch - 1:20 pm
    10 oz. fettuccini pasta w/
    3 T alfredo sauce made w/butter, parmesean, cream and salt & pepper
    (UFF DA)

    PM Snack 1 - 3:45 pm
    1 bunch celery sticks w/
    2 T cream cheese
    1/4 of a cucumber, sliced
    16 oz. non-caloric white grape soda

    PM Snack 2 - 5:15 pm
    1/2 C cottage cheese
    3 baby dill pickles
    1 T veggie cream cheese
    5 oz. vegetable soup

    Dinner - 6:30 pm
    2 oz. swiss cheese
    5 mini chicken wings w/bbq flavoring
    16 oz. non-caloric white grape soda
    1 slice New York style cheesecake (!)

    Late nite snack - was still up, working at 11
    1 C low carb vanilla ice cream (not so good)
    12 oz. Diet Pepsi
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    Friday, August 13, 2004

    Pre-Induction Message

    * Pre-induction meaning I have not started following the induction menu (under 20g/day) as outlined in Dr. Atkins' plan yet. This 2 week period is just a conscious effort at 'trying' to be low carb. I thought for sure I would miss my bagels and pasta and salty snacks like Chee tos and stuff. But I knew deep down that after spending the summer reading Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution (which I will refer here on out as 'DANDR'), that this was a much healthier way to eat.

    So, lucky readers...I'm posting what I ate on pre-induction for anyone who is trying to start low-carb but is afraid to just JUMP right in (like I was). At least I will try to post, every day! I've been so busy with my latest web client...but that's another story! Here's my menu for weeks 1 & 2 on pre-induction. After this weekend I plan to go to induction (8/30).
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    Thursday, August 12, 2004

    And so it begins...this Fat N Sassy chick's soon to be skinny N sassy!

    I'm starting a low carb way of life (WOL) and going to use this journal as a new start in my life and you're lookin' at mah first entry.


    Even though I run my own web design/development co. from home, the reality is that it's hard to be the RECEPTIONIST, the PR PERSON, the MAIL GIRL, the PRESIDENT and the DESIGNER, etc. all at once so business can get slow and therefore I have to work FT at a regular job (eww). This sucks big ol' donkey butt, and seeing as I don't really look forward to work I have a tendancy to stay up late to squeeze every possible minute out of my off time...

    Shame on me--I should really get more rest--but to be quite honest this is the FIRST time in my life I've ever been excited about a diet/woe/whatchaCallit/thingamabobber, the way I have been ever since I picked up dear old Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution last summer. I read and have been re-reading it and even keep it in my work bag and on my desk as a reference. It still amazes me--that of all the books that I've read--written by doctors about diets and nutitrition, this is the one that truly made any sense to me and seemed not only intelligently written, but also so personally focused to the reader...as though this doctor was my own doctor talking to ME...not blabbing gibberish about medical terms I don't understand, telling us 'fat people' that we "eat too much, have got to cut calories and go low-fat", which translates to high carb, and in my book, high carb equals death.

    That to me, has been one way of overcoming and not 'missing' starches, crackers, pasta, etc. I think of it as poison. I used to try that woe but even on 900 cals/day I was GAINING weight. WTF??!! Plus I see my mom eat this way. She did WWatchers and in less that 1 year she dropped over 70 lbs but then gained it all back and then some soon after. Heaven knows I can't tell her a THING...the food pyramid looks perfect to people in her generation and lifestyle. In my mind it should be tipped upside down. Plus it's really too bad because she has gastro difficulties to begin with...she's got half-arsed diverticulitis (sp?) which causes her to have indigistion issues and whatnot, but GOD I want to tell her "look you're just eating GLUE, jeez..." I'm hoping that the success I PLAN to acheive on this WOE/WOL could perhaps convince her that something similar could be the answer to her probs as well.

    Like mom, I used to rely heavily on the high carbs as a woe. An average day used to be something like this: toast or cold cereal/orange or tomato juice for breakfast, sometimes forgoing the cereal but do yogurt instead, if granted a few extra seconds that morning I'd slap a sausage patty/piece of ham/bacon on the toast and skip the juice. Lunch consisted of a turkey sandwich on white with mustard or lettuce and mayo, small packet of cheetos or some bagged vending machine crap like that plus a diet soda and maybe a Little Debbie cake or some baby Snickers for dessert. If I was in a rush the night before, lunch was a bag of microwave popcorn (and I don't even care for popcorn that much!) The people at work are also always bringing in coffee cake, cookies, doughnuts, bagels, you name it, they haul it in. So I used to pat myself on the back if, on the days I didn't pack a lunch, that some of that stuff would be left out. How thrifty for me! No such thing as free lunch? Pshaw! Not in my book! Dinners were always 1 of the following: Either 1/2 a frozen pizza, some pasta salad or mac & cheese, or a can of soup. Dinner always had to be accompanied by bread, bagels, chips, crackers or the like, and I even had the nerve of feeling I deserved some ice cream afterward, so I'd run across the street to the SuperAmerica and get a pint of stuff made by my two best friends Ben & Jerry (at gas station prices that was an expensive habit at $3+ each). This WOE would also sometimes include a green salad or small plate of veggies (raw or cooked), but not always, because I was always eating stuff on the run. Campbell's, for example...this company had the cojones to come out with high sugar and carb soup which is eaten with one hand by literally sipping (okay, chugging) it out of their handy-dandy can. I couldn't justify taking the pains to prepare the real, healthy food I now MAKE time for.

    In my dieting/nutrition experience I found that after reading through the plan I became more conscious of the way my body reacted to foods I was eating above. I truly did experience sugar "highs" or peaks and then "crashes" to where I wanted to nap after a starchy meal. I guess until you are really aware of it, you don't 'feel' your body react to eating. I just never swallowed something and then waited to see how my body felt afterward. Seems like I should have!

    Gosh do I blabber or what? Anyway...

    I've been checking into LC stuff and studying this wol for awhile. I didn't want to jump right into it at first. Now, (for the most part) I am ready to start!

    I guess the reason my info says pre-Atkins is because last week I decided to just lower my carb intake to determine my critical carbohydrate prior to just jumping headfirst into induction.

    I did not have a medical exam as Dr. Atkins had urged but in a related visit (smoking quitting help), I did have a short medical checkup on my blood levels, weight, BP, etc. I cleaned out my fridge and pantry of noodles, crackers, flour products and rice. I found that, while I was still taking in carbohydrates (not too refined ones, but from Atkins food products, vegetables like spinach, cauliflower, celery, mushrooms, herbs, etc.), I also increased my overall intake of basic protein from source foods like eggs, fish, chicken, pork and beef, cheese and soy. So far I feel great! I am not hungry, I've not experienced any side affects other than bad breath and occasional irregularity (after induction is over I'm told this is easy to overcome with homemade RX), so I think all is well for now.

    I will add more later! For now I'm gonna go hit the pillow. Hard.

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    Thursday, October 23, 2003

    Fred Berry

    Hey HEY hey!

    "I can't help bein fat, it runs in my family."

    "Rerun, no one runs in your family!"

    -from "What's Happening?"

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    Thursday, October 16, 2003

    I've got Fattitude.

    That's right, large and in charge!

    You've happened upon the diary of one fat & sassy chick....so buckle your seat belts, put away your pilates tapes and diet sodas. My fat ass is here to stay.

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